How to Upload Video to Wordpress Blog Easily And Promptly

You know image in a post is more interesting than a post with only text. And if there is a video in a post which is will much more charming and avoid boring to your user. In the old WordPress version 2.9, you have to embed code from that video site if you want to have one in your site. Let see how easily it is if you want to upload video to WordPress blog post.

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How to embed Video to WordPress  Blog

1. Search video in the third parties (like youtube)

How to Upload Video to WordPress Blog Easily And Promptly 01

2. Choose the suitable one

How to Upload Video to WordPress Blog Easily And Promptly 02

3. Copy url of the video and paste to the post edit admin

How to Upload Video to WordPress Blog Easily And Promptly 03

How to Upload Video to WordPress Blog Easily And Promptly 04

Then just wait for 1 second, the video will be appeared and displayed perfectly.

You see, it’s so easy, rite? Just need to copy and paste. All will be done in a snap

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These are the providers you can paste their video link to your blog post to embed a video in there

– YouTube

– Vimeo

– DailyMotion


– Flickr (both videos and images)

– Viddler

– Hulu

– Qik

– Revision3

– Scribd

– Photobucket

– PollDaddy

– Google Video

– (only VideoPress-type videos for the time being)

– SmugMug (WordPress 3.0+)

– (WordPress 3.0+)

If you upload your videos or other media on one of these sites, then WordPress will automatically embed. Otherwise, you would have to post the embed code manually.

How to Upload your own Video to WordPress  Blog

First of all, you need an available video in your laptop/computer. The please follow these steps

  1. Go to admin -> post -> edit or create a new post depends on you
  2. Click to Add media button in the top left corner
  3. Choose upload files tab and upload the video file you need

Or you can upload to Youtuve, Vimeo… and use their url to embed in your WordPress blog post.

The reason why you can’t upload the videos to WordPress?

The answer is that it depends. There are so many reason for this. Maybe it’s because your slow internet connection or the video capacity is huge. So it’s better to tell the author theme (if you are  using a theme) or the webste coder exactly what you are meeting, they will help you to solve it quickly.

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Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog

WordPress template allows video bloggers to build a highly personalized website without learning a single line of code. In this post we have hand-picked some of the best video templates for blogger, following with our evaluation of their pros and cons.

Video blog (or also shortened as vlog) is one of the hottest trends on the Internet over the last decade. And with YouTube, video bloggers have got a powerful channel to reach their advocates. 

However, for the increasing need of personal branding, YouTube failed to offer a unique style to each video blog channel. If you think the interface of your YouTube channel is too generic for your brand, where all other colleagues have the same “What to watch next” section, it’s time for you to create a webpage showcasing your personality. Here we present Top 10 WordPress themes for video bloggers.

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Filmmaker is a WordPress theme built specifically for film studio, TVC production company, movie production company, and cinematography centre. Filmmaker is also suitable for individual video-related projects such as video blog and videographer website. With clean, elegant and modern design, this WordPress site will attract followers for your movie blog, engage them in your cinematic universe, or simply boost the marketing and branding of your upcoming movies.

Filmmaker also features smooth animation to dazzle your audience:


Visual Composer plugin in our Filmmaker WordPress theme will help you build a site without coding knowledge. Mailchimp plugin makes a smart email system for you to manage. Besides, Filmmaker is compatible with WPML plugin, so you can have a multi language site when using this theme.


  • Elegant and clean design. Large photo and video display.
  • Text-focused details (history, story, testimonials) are beautifully built.
  • Strong blog feature.
  • A variety of layouts for different purposes.
  • Smooth animations that keep audience scrolling.

Best for: film studio showcasing a variety of videos, photo gallery and history stories.




With over 15 updates to the present 4.0 version, TrueMag is one of the bestselling video blogger template on Themeforest. 10 Homepage demos, from Big Video Slider to Very Big Video Slider, are sure to satisfy all your size desires (pun!).


  • Exclusive plugin allows you to play and advertising video before the main video.
  • Easily embed video from popular video sharing sites.
  • Auto fetch titles and description for video.
  • Create video channels and self-hosted videos.
  • Video view count and rating.


  • So many good features can easily blow your mind away.

Best for: Prolific video bloggers want to showcase lots of videos at the same time




Impressive theme with amazing features. Among many features we would like to highlight few like BBPress plugin integration, WP e-Commerce plugin integration, BuddyPress Theme, Non-Post Galler Slide Manager manage your Images/Videos in one area.


  • Customization ability. You can edit with unlimited skin colors, images and even bring more galleries into one page.
  • You can social bookmark any post, with icons reacting to custom link colors.


  • One minor display flaw (texts get over images) when viewed on small screen size. But don’t worry this will get fixed soon.

Best for: bloggers showcasing multimedia products (photos, videos or any other products)

Right Now



Check the demo and move your mouse over every corners. Let yourself be enchanted with the movement of every single element of this video blog template. Stunning!


  • Interactivity: videos play in background while surfing, audio from a playlist, and a theme color picker for all the entertainment you need.


  • Large background videos sometimes get distracting and slow the web connection.

Best for: full screen videos are best for action clips; video bloggers reviewing visual effects or VFX studios may also love this theme.




This is another one fully optimized for videos. Quite similar to Right Now, with less animation and more features.


  • Full screen videos and images.
  • Flickr stream running in background.
  • Option to pick from 250 Google API Fonts.
  • Lots of features and addons.


  • Autoplay videos also automatically hide menu contents. It can be quite confusing for first-time visitors.
  • Blogging feature is not strong.

Best for: video bloggers want to bombard their masterpieces to the audience.




Simple theme designed to showcase all your creativity with no need for extra features.


  • Images are displayed full screen, menu only appears when you hover your mouse over. Option to choose video also.
  • Wall option where work is displayed as gallery, each mouse movement move screen, and you need to stick to video you are playing, otherwise screen will move and it can be very distracting.

Best for: presenting your creative work in photography and filmography.

On Demand

On Demand-WordPress-theme-filmstudio-videoblog

   View demo

Clean and spacious, this video template brings a feeling of modern elegance to your website. Really nice animation as well.


  • Lots of distinctive templates organized based on features.
  • Simplicity of design


  • Can’t really find any. Each template is a beauty itself.

Best for: video-centric blogs, whether you want to embed videos from video-service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or host your own video format (.mp4, .flv, Quicktime, etc.)




The appearance of text and images is well-refined in this theme. Ease-in animations are pleasing to the eyes.


  • Clean and simple design.
  • Responsive design.
  • Blog feature is simple but compelling.


  • Only one home template.

Best for: video bloggers in need of a simple solution, freelancers, small business, photographers, videographers and other graphic artists as well.




Minimalistic and clean, this WordPress theme resembles very much to the interface of Tumblr, which brings a sense of youthfulness and modernity.


  • Neat and clean, and full of grids as mentioned in the name.
  • Simple blog interface similar to famous social media brings ease of use for audience.


  • Previews of images and videos lack description in the full screen preview.

Best for: video bloggers with lots of videos at the same time. Film studio and ad agency can take advantage of this theme to showcase portfolio also.




Retro. Vintage. All those feels! If you are a video blogger with a keen eye for retro design, this is what you will love.


  • Retro design
  • Good display for videos from 3rd party video hosting sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, etc.)


  • The theme could be more appealing with images and creative layouts for preview.
  • Title fonts.

Best for: Portfolio page, video/picture showcase.

That is all for now. We will keep updating with new and beautiful themes. Comment or share with us video template for blogger that you think should be included in the list.

Now go preview all those demos of top 10 WordPress themes for video bloggers and buy one for yourself.

Sources: Canon5DTips , ShoutMeLoud.

Top premium video blog wordpress themes

Video blog is more and more popular in this world. There are so many video blogger out there making their own interesting videos to publish and give their audiences relax time. Even some of theme use it to earn money from famous video site like Youtube. However, it’s much better if these video bloggers have their own sites. So let find out these Top premium video blog WordPress themes.

>> checkout10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video blogs, videographers

Filmmaker – perfect  premium video blog wordpress themes

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 01

Film Maker is extremely suitable for Video blog. With super clean, elegant and modern design, you and your team no longer have to depend on other sites like youtube or magazines to do marketing for your products or reputation. Now, you have another way which is too perfect to promote yourself.

Besides, You also can use Filmmaker for creative agency, corporate, team, person to build their own film studio, Filmmaker centre, Movie production, Video blogger, Videographer… sites and any kind of Film/Movie website can use the video WordPress theme

Wonderful Visual Composer plugin in Filmmaker WordPress theme will help you to build a site without coding knowledge. Mailchimp plugin makes a smart email system for you to manage. Besides, Film Maker is totally compatible with WPML plugin perfectly, so you can have a multi language site when using this plugin. This easier to spread your site all over the world. And so much more great features in this theme.

Videofly – Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 02

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

Videofly is a clean and modern Video WordPress Theme that makes it easy to add videos and even let your users add their own. This beautiful WordPress theme comes with tons of options and layouts and makes it the perfect choice if you are looking to create the perfect video website. If you plan to do a video blog, video tutorial website, podcasts or any other video related content – surely Videofly is just a thing of beauty.

Slimvideo – Video WordPress Community Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 03

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

This theme is made by TouchSize, a well-known premium themes is built for video site. Slim video is totally responsive so it fits with any devices: laptop, mobile… Besides, this theme includes Touch Layout Builder, this plugin help you to manage column content easily. This is not an additional plugin – it stands at this theme’s core and it works blazingly fast! Everything is well made and documented.

Slimvideo has clean, modern and flat design style. This theme will make your site your site wonderful be lacewings

VideoTouch – Video WordPress Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 04

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

VideoTouch is ultra responsive, retina ready, and built on Twitter Bootstrap framework. It features a clean, modern and interesting design, packed with the super powerful TouchSize Layout Builder which offers unlimited possibilities and options. Our Page Builder is at the core of our theme, giving you full control over your website and lets you create sites that suits your needs. The builder incorporates some incredible features making it one of the most versatile themes on the market.

Solar – Video WordPress Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 05

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

Solar is a WordPress theme for video bloggers in It is so easy-to-customise and fully featured. Solar’s responsive layout can help you to build a site can work on any devices, such as: smartphone, desktop computer, laptop…

One more thing, this theme is so easy to use with a step by step video document, so you don’t need to know well english, you still can build a perfect site.

Galaxy – Responsive Magazine Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 06

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

Galaxy theme is build for for video bloggers. Besides, you can use this WordPress theme for any site related to videos.  It is so easy-to-customise and fully featured. Solar’s responsive layout can help you to build a site can work on any devices, such as: smartphones, desktop computers, laptops…

Why did I say that it easy-to-customise? Because after downloading this theme, you will have a detailed help file with additional features like Unlimited colour schemes and a Responsive Layout.

Dolphin – Responsive WordPress Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 07

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

Dolphin is one of  video blog WordPress theme of  ProgressionStudios – an elite author in the biggest WordPress theme market in the world. It is so easy-to-customise and fully featured. Because after downloading this theme, you will have a detailed help file with additional features like Unlimited colour schemes and a Responsive Layout. So you can run your site in any devices you want.

White Noise – Responsive WordPress Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 08

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

White Noise is not only for video blog WordPress theme but also for film/movie sites, theatres… It is so easy-to-customise and fully featured. Because after downloading this theme, you will have a detailed help file with additional features like Unlimited color schemes and a Responsive Layout. So you can run your site in any devices you want.

Primero – Video WordPress Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 09

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

Primero is not only for video blog WordPress theme but also for film/movie sites, theatres… It is so easy-to-customise and fully featured. Because after downloading this theme, you will have a detailed help file with additional features like Unlimited color schemes and a 3 unique featured slider options.. So you can customise your site easily and make i your own.

Gigawatt – WordPress Video Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 10

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

This is the most popular WordPress theme just got even better of Obox – an elite author in Themeforest! Ever since author released Gigawatt into the wild it has always been a firm favourite in our theme collection. When they added Gigawatt eCommerce (child theme) to our theme collection, it was mighty popular with those of you who were wanting to setup an online shop.

Over time, we realised that the Gigawatt eCommerce child theme in-fact needed to be integrated into Gigawatt as a single theme which suited both purposes, as well as streamlining the code for more seamless updating.

Motion Picture – Responsive WordPress Video Theme

Top premium video blog wordpress themes 11

DOWNLOAD THEME      View demo

Strange that the Obox brand was built off the back of a video blog yet they only have one video theme on their site…

That wrong has to be righted, so today they are excited to release their latest Premium WordPress theme called Motion Picture. A video-centric theme for the video bloggers amongst them.

High Definition, laser focus

In terms of the design Obox has given the typography special attention as well as working on some white space management to balance out pages which feature either HD or SD videos.

10+ Amazing Wordpress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers

You are looking for a WordPress theme which is perfect for your Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers,  videographers site? With the sea of theme out there, let me filter and introduce you the best ones. Hope this collection can bring you the most suitable theme for your great upcoming site.




Film Maker is extremely suitable for any creative agency/ corporate/ team/ person to build their own film studio/ Film maker centre/ Film production/ Video blogger/Videographer… sites and any kind of Film/Movie website can use the video WordPress theme. With super clean, elegant and modern design, you and your team no longer have to depend on other sites like youtube or magazines to do marketing for your products or reputation. Now, you have another way which is too perfect to promote yourself.

Wonderful Visual Composer plugin in our Fimmaker WordPress theme will help you to build a site without coding knowledge. Mailchimp plugin makes a smart email system for you to manage. Besides, Film Maker is totally compatible with WPML plugin perfectly, so you can have a multi language site when using this plugin. This easier to spread your site all over the world. And so much more great features in this theme.

Movie me

10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers 01


Movie me WordPress theme is great for anyone who wants to build a WordPress site for videos, movies, Filmmaker, Videographer and much more. Pictures and videos easily change. These video sites are very popular because they have a very large conversion. All content is used to attract attention to details of each product you make.

The Producer

10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers 02


The Producer WordPress theme is focused on Filmmakers, Film studios and Film production companies. It was entirely designed around showcasing videos. Features a unique “panel” effect when scrolling as well as a traditional credit roll effect.


10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers 03


Solar theme is so suitable for videographers or Video bloggers. It’s easy-to-customise and fully featured WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like Video Support and Responsive Layout.


10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers 04


With Footage as your website your visitors will never get bored and leave. This theme is built in a unique way to display your photography/videography and supports all types of photo/video orientation so your photos will not get cutoff. If you are a photo/videographer and need a fresh new look for your website then this is the theme for you. And best of all Footage is AJAX enabled so your users will only have to reload when posting a comment. Please note you cannot use any page as a homepage, the portfolio acts as a homepage.


10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers 05


Fullpane theme is built for movie site. Every pixel is hand-coded in the world of CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. Fullpane includes many different layout options, custom post types, and animations effects, and is a multi-purpose theme that allows you to create colourful and stunning websites for video personal blogs, agency websites, and photographers or videographers showcasing their portfolio. Check out the Features page to see Fullpane in action!


10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers 06


BigFormat is a fullscreen responsive portfolio WordPress theme for freelancers, web designers, photographers and videographers alike, built to showcase your work at a large scale.


10+ Amazing WordPress theme for Filmmakers, Movie producers, Video bloggers, videographers 07


VYSUAL is an award-winning WordPress theme built specifically for film campaigns and movie marketing (i.e. “Official Movie Site”). This theme utilizes built-in features of WordPress, making it really easy to use and setup.

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20+ awesome WordPress themes for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres

10 The Best Book Store WordPress Themes In The World

20+ awesome Wordpress themes for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres

This hand picked list is about the best WordPress theme for Spa, Beauty Salon, Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Yoga, Gyms… or any business realated to this beauty industy.

All of these premium WordPress theme is easy to use and customise. So don’t worry about the default style, take one and make it be yours




Bleuté is the latest Spa WordPress theme in Themeforest. It not only for spa, but also for theme for other beauty services such as: beauty salon, nail salon, hair salon, make up, massage… even yoga and gym centres. With unlimited color, you can choose the best suitable color to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Moreover, there are flexible layouts, easy custom homes, diversity elements to satisfy any strictest builders.

There are 7 home layouts with cool colors and great styles suitable for everyone’s gout: creative, clean, elegant, modern… Besides, there is a home is for men with adorabble sliders. Todays, Spa is not only for ladies, but also for gentle men.

One more incredible feature you should know about this theme is its e-Commerce shop. With WooCommerce plugin, centre owners can sell the products related to their services to promote the centre reputation and enhance their income. There are 5 layouts for this shop with easy filter for visitors to choose their suitable services


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 01


Wellnesscenter is a spa responsive WordPress theme. This theme includes all features you need to build a Spa/wellness/beauty Salon website. There is an incredible booking feature in Wellnesscenter theme. So, you can book a suitable service package for yourself directly in the website based on the clear service details in home page.

Don’t worry about the coding skill, tyou totally can build a site similar to Wellnesscenter’s demo with hassle-free drag and drop page builder. Everything becomes much easier.


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 02


Haircut theme is built for anyone who are planning to start their spa/barbershop business. This wordpress theme is so unique and creative with the background slide, you can choose the direction of the slide: horizontal, vertical or both direction.

With 5 flexible hompage, this wordpress theme is so suitable for many purposes, such as: barbershop, manicure, spa, treatment and beauty websites


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 03


Aqua is a clean, gorgeous, mmodern responsive spa and beauty WooCommerce theme. Aqua is well-designed, malleable, minimalist and modular,. It is the best suite for spas, hair salons, barber shops, wellness centres, yoga classes, and all health care business websites. Pre-designed skins that can be further customized with powerful theme options convert your Aqua website into your business’ carefully, tastefully branded online foothold within minutes.

Aqua is polished, manages your reservations, works as your online shop, and even features comprehensive video tutorials so you don’t miss a beat of what this potent theme is packing for your spa.


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 04


Cinderella | WordPress Theme has been made especially for Small Businesses in Beauty Industry. It has the capacity to equally fit a Single Local Salon as well as a Network of Salons with Multiple Locations.

Due to its intuitive interface and flexible Visual Composer Page Builder, it is easy-to-modify and enjoyable-to-use. With our Advanced Theme Options you can fully customize the theme to match any branding and any purpose your Beauty Business might have.

With the elegant and fully responsive design, Cinderella can bring a perfect solution for your Beauty Business Web-presence!

Skin Beauty

20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 05


Skin Beauty – Beauty & Spa Center WordPress Theme is a clean responsive WordPress theme. This theme is especial for Beauty, Spa, Salons, Yoga, Barbershop, Care, Hair, Health, Massage, Medical, Physiotherapy, Wellness Center, Makeup, Cosmetic, Treatment. Skin Beauty includes awesome features for theme’s category such as: custom WooCommerce product layouts for product, coupons and promotions. This theme also has many portfolio layouts for your treatment services or product showcase. Skin Beauty also support WPML plugin which allows you to create multi-language website.

Skin Beauty also include Master slide. This plugin allows you to manage slider’s elements easily using its drag drop ability and you can also use its timeline to control transition period.


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 06


Coiffeur WordPress theme is design to fit with hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours & day spas, medical business, beauty centre and beauty treatment businesses.

The Coiffeur theme is so flexible and is easy to use with the huge of great features. Of course, you can use this theme for the other businesses as well. It can be easily adapted to any kind of website due to all the features which theme has.


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 07


The Yogi’s clean and delightful design is so suitable for any event, spa, wellness, fitness and health beauty training website.

Yogi is totally compatible with MINDBODY, the popular yoga online application for online class and payment. You are able to get class list, schedule, pricing and redirect your visitor to check out on MINDBODY website. In Addition, you also have an amazing option to create membership package and pay for that directly on site by using Woo Commerce.


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 08


Hairdresser WordPress theme is focused on hairdresser, make-up, stylist, spa or any similar businesses. This theme includs Visual composer, revolution slider, woocommerce plugin. With the advanced admin panel, it can be used for many kinds of business. Building your perfect wordpress theme will be a joy, start building now!

Spa Lab

20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 09


Spa Lab is a hand crafted Beauty Salon WordPress Theme for hair salons, wellness centre, yoga / meditation classes and all other health care businesses. The theme includes essential advanced features such as two types of menu card designs, therapists, reservation, gift card, product and shop and many more… It has powerful theme options panel to brand your website with custom colors, logo, social links, contact info, product and service prices etc., Create gallery pages for treatments, spread news using blogs, capture leads with news letters and special gifts / Offers easily.Fully flexible and responsive WordPress Theme, works well on modern tablets and mobile phone, ipad.

Dream Spa

20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 10


Dream Spa theme is built with tons of potential features for Spa Business. Whether you create a fresh website for your salon or need a feel good refreshing style for your existing web presence, Dream Spa will be the good choice. The theme comes with the complete package of templates, widgets, short-codes, custom posts to showcase your treatments / Services, Emphasis your packages and offers, Sell your products and course materials, Spread News, Showcase the galley and more…

Overall Dream Spa is a versatile health care business theme suitable for spa, therapy, massage, yoga, wellness treatments, Ayurvedic cure, beauty salon website. We’ve made it very easy for you to add pages you want such as staff, blog, about, pricing, packages, services, partners, courses, contact, products, gallery…


20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 11


Setup is now smarter and easier! Entrepreneur helps convert visitors to customers using built in conversion forms, booking, and scheduling calendars. There is so much you can accomplish with this theme.

With automate the booking & scheduling process, this theme is so suitable for gym centre. So you can know all class schedule and book a class/package directly in the site.

Yoga Fit

20+ awesome WordPress theme for Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, yoga, gym centres 12


Yoga Fit – Sport, Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme features fully designed and integrated The Events Calendar and The Events Calendar PRO plugin compatibility (please note that the PRO addon needs to be purchased separately), as well as Mega Menu functionality. You can add events and calendars on your website as well as display your dishes and allow ordering. It has anything a fitness and sports website will need.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line

Some developers cringe at the mere thought of opening a terminal window. For the uninitiated it can be daunting, stressful, and downright annoying. But devs who understand the command line would argue it’s one of the best tools at your disposal.

So how necessary is the command line for modern development? I’d argue it’s imperative to success, working with either frontend or backend code. The command line has become a Swiss Army knife of features locked behind simple commands. If you take time to learn these commands you may be surprised how much power is available from that little black rectangle with the flashing white cursor.

1. You Gain Greater Control over System Functions

Perhaps the most obvious reason to learn the command line is for its original function: greater control. There are commands accessible only via shell that can control very complex operations on Unix/Linux and Windows machines.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line 01

Basic commands might involve changing permissions on a certain file or browsing to a directory that’s hidden from view. More complicated examples could involve server administration for a local server setup like Apache/MySQL.

It’s worth at least exploring the possibilities of shell commands just to understand how they work. Ignoring a piece of technology just because it’s too confusing is rarely a good idea.

But looking beyond system functions we have a slew of web developer tools which operate through the command line. Not everything can be downloaded & installed like an application, so an understanding of shell commands will save you the headache of learning how to install the latest new tools for developers.

2. You Can use NPM for Package Installs

Node Package Manager is easily the most popular tool for modern developers. This is built on top of Node.js which behaves as a JavaScript framework for other scripts (like NPM).

One thing to note is that NPM does not have a GUI. There’s no way to click a little “install” button like you’d find on the Mac App Store. Every package must be installed manually via the npm command in a terminal window.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line 02

This may seem annoying to non-shell users but it actually offers much more control. The NPM library contains over 200,000 packages with more added every week. It’s just easier to host these externally and let the user decide what to install.

Keep in mind that some of these tools can be installed separately via their own binary installers. But NPM centralizes everything so you can pull all of your favorite tools with one friendly command: npm install.

With NPM you have instant access to a number of tools like:

Another popular choice is to install Ruby gems alongside NPM packages. However Ruby gems are not exactly part of a package manager – though they can act in a similar fashion.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line 03

Either way both techniques require an understanding of rudimentary CLI commands. You can be working with NPM in less than an hour if you make time to practice and really understand how it works.

3. You Can Utilize Git Version Control

Programmers and developers alike should understand the power of version control. The ability to split/merge a project into separate versions is simply unparalleled.

Unfortunately Git is also difficult to learn if you don’t already understand how it operates. Now add the confusion of working inside the command line and it’s clear why Git scares off so many developers.

Thankfully there are many free resources online to help you understand the basics.

Try Git is a free learning tool on GitHub to help you toy around in Git without installing it locally. This is a guided tutorial for developers with absolutely no knowledge of version control.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line 04

The difficulty of Git is memorizing version control commands while simultaneously learning the command line. There are desktop apps that offer a GUI but they still expect you to understand the fundamentals of version control (cloning, branching, merging, etc).

For a beginner the learning curve for Git can be steep. With regular practice it still might take a couple months to solidify the concepts. But Git is an indispensable tool for every developer and it’s one more good reason to learn the command line.

4. You Need It To Use Preprocessors & Task Runners

Frontend development has changed a lot in recent years. We have preprocessors like Sass/Less for CSS and Haml/Jade for HTML. We also have task runners likeGulp and Grunt for automating tasks via JavaScript. It’s almost a completely new landscape where these techniques are practically required to build modern websites.


If you aren’t already aware, tools like Sass and Haml run directly through the command line. Both of those preprocessors are built on Ruby and require terminal commands for compiling code. Granted you could setup a Gulp taskto automate preprocessing, but this also requires command line knowledge.

With these tools becoming necessary to the development process it’s vital to understand even the basics of shell scripting and the command line.

5. It’s For Local Backend Development

Everything from PHP to Rails and Python requires some command line interaction. Installation tools like MAMP have made things easier, but there’s no substitution for the raw power of working in the command line.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line 05

While PHP can be installed using software like MAMP, frameworks like Laravelrequire Composer which is a dependency manager. This installation processtakes place almost entirely via the command line.

The Django framework requires a similar CLI install process on top of pip, a free Python package manager. Also consider the process of setting up your own local server on Node.js. To do this you’ll want to first understand your computer’s environment(Unix or Windows). Then you’ll want to understand the basics of Node.js.

Why All Developers Should Learn Command Line 06

With some comfort in shell scripting you’ll have more control over your machine to install packages, check for updates, restart a local server, and install modules for enhanced features.

No matter what language you’re using or trying to learn, the command line will prove to be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Even a very basic understanding of shell scripting can improve your confidence and workplace value in a market of talented web developers.

Moving Forward

No matter what type of development you do, there’s value in understanding the command line. Even basic concepts like installing Ruby or Composer will prove immeasurably useful during your career as a web developer.

To get started just find something you want to learn and dive in. This could be compiling with Sass, installing Laravel, or configuring a local Node.js server. Naturally you’ll face challenges along the way but websites like Stack Overflowcontain all the programming answers you need.

As more tools rise to popularity in the years to come you’ll be glad to have an understanding of command line syntax. The future of web development is not in IDEs, but in open source tools that optimize the way we code and build websites.


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam

Internet advertisement is more and more popular in the current digital life. However, print ads also play an important role. It still bring the unique feeling about brand and realer inspiration. We usually see the Western ads, so they become more familiar. But in this article, we will introduce you the impressive print ads of Vietnam – an Asia country in order that we can know more aspects in creative careers in the world.


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 01

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 02

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 03

Print ads was created by J. Water Thompson, it’s in the global campaign “Reach Further” of Vietnam Airline in order to to elevate the quality of travel. Lotus – the symbol of Vietnam – is the central image which introduce people to Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam. And, Viet Nam is a bridge among these countries.


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 04

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Executive Creative Director: Bob Cohen
Copywriter: Tra Ngoc Vo
Art Director: Lan Thi Huong Nguyen


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 05
Bus stop
10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 06

Category: Household, garden & pets
Brand: Green Cross
Advertising Agency: Datviet Riverorchid, Vietnam
Country: Vietnam
Photographer Producer: THOMAS HOO
Art Director: DUY HOANG TRAN
Creative Group ECD: Ian Brown
Copywriter / Art Director: Ian Brown
Photographer: LEE KAH LOONG
Released: 1/2014


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 07

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Creative Director: Bob Cohen, Antonio Bonifacio
Art Director: Nga Nguyen
Account Supervisor: Phan Giao, Do Nhi
Illustrator: Pham An Vinh
Producer: Ho Duy


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 08
Fish exorcism
10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 09
Pig exorcism
10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 10
Crab exorcism

Advertiser: Unilever Brand name: Sunlight Product: Sunlight Laundry Detergent Agency: Lowe Vietnam Country: Vietnam Category: Cleaning Products, Detergents & Wood protectors Released: February 2014


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 11
10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 12

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Executive Creative Directors: Travis Sorge, Sachin Ambekar
Copywriters: Travis Sorge, Trong Nguyen
Art Directors: Sachin Ambekar, Tung Le, Yerry Indrajaya, Jules Kim, Dian Widjaya
Illustrator: Afi Kafi
Typographer: Afi Kafi
Art Buyer: Clariss Alvarez-producer
Account Supervisor: Tarun Dhawan
Account Executive: Hau Pham


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 13
Body’s deodorant is to show the responsibility to communities
10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 14
Don’t hide the truth, use Rexona


The message is “Dirt is good”. It means that the more active children are and explore the life around, the more mud-covered they are

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 15

Advertiser: UNILEVER
Category: Household: Cleaning
Products Art Director: Chris Catchpole
Copywriter: Chris Catchpole
Executive Creative Director: Chris Catchpole
Planner: Indraneel Guha And Ngoc Nguyen
Photographer: Frederik Wissink
Illustrator: Hanh Pham
Other Credits: Vivi Vu @ Take Production House
Account Manager: Chau Tran And Marie Siegrist
Account Supervisor: Laurence Dang
Released: 2/2013

9. 5S.VN

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 16

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 17

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 18

Category: Online services
Agency: Lowe Vietnam
Country: Vietnam Executive
Creative Director: CARLOS CAMACHO
Creative Director: Kumkum Fernando
Copywriter: Maryzyle Galinato
Copywriter: Binh Vu
Copywriter: Phuong Anh Tram Art
Director: Kumkum Fernando
Art Director: Uy Le
Art Director: Nisal Attenayake
Account Director: Anh Vo
Photographer: Andy Lam
Typographer: Uy Le
Typographer: Tan Pan
Released: 8/2015


10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 19

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 20

10 Inspiration of Print Advertisement of Vietnam 21

Message: Let yourself out.

Media: Print
Category: Professional services
Agency: TBWA
Geo: Vietnam Designer
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Vietnam
Executive Creative Director: Hugh Southall
Art Directors: Justin Cao, Huong Ngo, Thanh Tam Thai
Copywriters: Trang Ngo, Justin Cao
Published: October 2014
Released: 10/2014


How to Deal With Creative Criticism

There are two sides to every coin. So 2 different of viewpoints with your creative products (positive and negative) are always exist. And the question is that how can you use criticism as fuel for your creative process? Creative veteran and current chair for Interactive Digital Arts at UAL, Fred Deakin shares tips on how to take and deal with these creative criticism.

How to Deal With Creative Criticism 01

Seek all opinions proactively

The need for positive reinforcement often causes us to lock ourselves away, polishing our ideas till we feel ready to unleash them onto the world. This can, unfortunately, set us up for a shock when someone we respect is not as impressed by the idea as we thought.

By actively seeking outside perspectives early on, we can save ourselves a lot of time and pain later. As much as we might want to impress with our ideas, we should remember to develop our thinking radically and simply

Listen the others to learn from them

How to Deal With Creative Criticism 02

It is easy to go on the defensive when we are open to scrutiny and the natural creative reaction is let your mind come up with rebuttals that will keep the concept alive. But doing so distracts your mind from listening. There is little use in asking for input if you are not going to take it.

Next time, instead of preparing yourself for a debate, listen to what is being said without thinking about what it means for you or your idea, there is time to think about that later.

Don’t make it be personal.

Just because someone does not like your idea, it does not mean that you are a failure. Historically, many successful innovators came up with “wrong” or “bad” ideas before hitting the right one. The trick is not to get too bogged down by the negative feedback and to use it as a motivation to push yourself and your ideas further.

Head over here to continue reading on about how to take creative criticism.

Source: Designtaxi

The Hunt to Get The Websites’ Lost Soul Back

Todays, there are thousands of websites built each day. However, they all look similar. It seems websites are being lost their soul. Fortunately, we can solve it by the responsive web design to create virtual experiences that adapt to different devices. There are other problems out there that we’re called on to solve, though, not least of which is to make content of all kinds appear interesting and engaging. But the question is can we succeed at solving both of these problems?

What We’ve Gained

There’s no doubt about it, the web has become an aesthetically beautiful place. Simple, attractive sites that are built on solid grid layouts have become the standard. The wild west of the web has been tamed. Law and order in the form of frameworks and fluid grids have taken over and peace reigns throughout the land.

All of this is a good thing. The benefits of simple, attractive sites are both clear and plentiful:

  1. Familiar and easy for users to navigate (when done correctly).
  2. Prototyping is (relatively) fast and easy.
  3. Heavy standardization of site-building techniques (assembly lines have replaced artisans).
  4. Fast layout leads to big cost savings (which may or may not be passed down to the customer).
  5. Strict grid layouts lend themselves to responsive design (the minimal layout trend is driven heavily by this need).

A stroll through a web design gallery like Awwwards reveals hundreds of fantastic sites that fit the criteria of simple and attractive sites. (View large version)

It can’t be overstated that there is immense value in standardization and associated techniques. Countless individuals and small businesses benefit from having simple, attractive (and not at all unique) sites to share their brand with the world. However, that’s just one side of the story.

What We’ve Lost

Taken in individual doses, the average professional website today looks great. Compare even a lowly designer’s portfolio site today to the best design agency sites ten years ago, and you’ll have to concede that we’ve gotten a lot better at this web design thing. However, as you look around, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that everything is starting to look the same.

Have designers lost that pioneer spirit? Has creativity been sacrificed on the altar of convenience? Before answering these questions, let’s take a look at what’s causing the lack of variation in web design today.

Reasons Why Sites All Look The Same

What’s the driving force behind the feeling of sameness that we get as we look around the web today? What’s to blame? As it turns out, it’s not as simple as pinning it all on one tool or method. RWD might contribute, but it’s just one item in a long list. Here are a few of the likely suspects.


Limited layout ideas are one of the most prominent and obvious reasons for a lack of variation on the web. Strip out colors, animations, parallax scrollingeffects and the like, and you start to see that a few basic layouts rule the web. How many sites can you name that use only slight variations of these five layouts?

This is what Noah meant when he lamented that all he saw were “boxes and grids everywhere.” We seem to have reached a stagnation point where unique layouts are a lost art.


Once upon a time, you could guarantee that everyone visiting your website would be doing so on a low-resolution desktop computer screen. These days, websites that look great on almost any viewport at any resolution aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. Basic, fluid-width, collapsing grids make responsive web design a much simpler process than more organic layouts.


Web design frameworks have the potential to rapidly speed up both design and development workflows. For many, they’re the safest, most straightforward route to a responsive, cross-browser website. As a bonus, they also take care of simple styling for all manner of common elements, from buttons to forms. The incredible popularity of tools like Bootstrap and Foundation leads to thousands of web designers using the exact same codebase, layouts, and even aesthetic style on every project they take on.


Even our blank-canvas design process has intentionally reduced creativity from the design process. Most prototyping tools encourage and perhaps even force you to use standardized, boxy elements that conform to strict grid layouts.

Many prototyping tools encourage common grid layout structures. (View large version)


Never before have beautiful, free design assets been so readily available. Again, convenience and affordability reign supreme, so we see designers flocking to free photo sites, pulling from the same small (but growing) pool of resources.

Two free stock photographs. (View large version)

In the last two years, how many sites have you seen using one (or both) of the two photos above? If you browse the web regularly, I’d wager the number is in the dozens.

The Village Style and JigglistCollege Essay Guy and Get Busy Make Money (View large version)

This goes way beyond photos, extending to icons, fonts, patterns, and so on. The upside here is that designers with zero budget can still make great looking sites; the downside is that every other designer is doing the same thing with the same resources.

To some designers, “trend” is a dirty word. It shouldn’t be though. Pick a decade in the 20th century and examine its design trends. What you find is fascinating. It gives that time period its own distinct style and personality, and is often a reflection of the entire culture. Even if you can’t see it, it’s happening right now in your work. Everything you see and experience is affecting what you do, and the web amplifies this like never before. The result is a lot of designers gaining inspiration from the same sources and pursuing the same trends.


Every tool and resource listed above is incredibly valuable. These things make our jobs easier, open up web design and development to more people, and save clients money. I didn’t choose them arbitrarily, I use them. If we’re looking for someone to blame for a lack of variation in web design, I’ll raise my hand. It’s me. And while I don’t think every project merits a unique design, I’d like to tip my hat to the designers out there who are trying to do something more interesting.

It’s also important to note that you can use any or all of the above and still create a unique design. It’s all in how you wield the tools that are available to you.

How To Challenge The Status Quo

At this point, you’ve already decided whether or not you care if your site designs are unique. Maybe that’s not your thing — that’s completely acceptable. If you find yourself wanting to break out of your typical workflow, though, here are a few ideas to get you going and some sites that serve as great examples.


Close your prototyping app, take out a pen and some paper, and think about how you can make an interesting, usable layout that’s not something you’ve ever done before.

Phases Magazine

Phases Magazine is a good example of a site doing something unexpected with layout. It’s boxy — there is a grid at play here — and yet somehow they made it feel totally outside the typical web design experience (the screenshot doesn’t really give you a good feel for it; be sure to visit the site). If you see this and think, “Whoa, that’s weird,” good! That’s what they’re going for. Some will love it, some will hate it, but I really like that they’re trying something different.

Phases Magazine uses an unconventional grid. (View large version)

Unfortunately, the site’s overall experience is quite poor. There’s some unnecessary scrolljacking, and the seemingly responsive layout breaks massively in certain viewports.

hases Magazine’s layout breaks on smaller screens. (View large version)


Curious Space

A better implementation of a similar idea is Curious Space.

The layout of Curious Space. (View large version)

Here the grid still has a more organic feel, but scrolling functionality is normal and the breakpoints are perfectly functional.

Curious Space adapts well to different devices. (View large version)

There are a lot of nice little design touches that you notice as you interact with the site. For instance, the image stack order changes on hover:

Hovering with a mouse brings content to the foreground. (View large version)

Also, they have a bit of fun with scrolling, but it’s not disrupting in the least, and it fits with the haphazard visual theme of the site. The logo starts off as a jumble of letters, but as you scroll, they fall into place and form “Curious Space” in the navigation bar.

The letters of the logo fall into place as you scroll. (View large version)

Le Temps D’un Trajet

Another interesting example is Le Temps d’un trajet. Once again, we see a non-standard grid, but instead of being sporadic, the layout is more intentional and clustered.

The homepage layout of Le Temps d’un trajet. (View large version)

Each block in the arrangement is a static image that turns into a short video on hover. The coolest part, though, is how the grid shifts fluidly to accommodate focusing on different nodes.


One easy way to give your site a different atmosphere is to think outside the box. As cringeworthy as that sounds, when you open yourself up to different geometry, things can get really interesting.

Built By Buffalo

Built By Buffalo uses hexagons for layout. (View large version)

Check out the hexagon hive that Built By Buffalo has going on. This gallery design doesn’t translate nicely to mobile, so they simply switch to rectangles at one of their breakpoints. This is a great example of doing something unique where appropriate, but realizing where the boundary should be drawn to give your users the best possible experience.

The layout switches to rectangles on narrower viewports. (View large version)

Anakin Design Studio

One of my favorite sites in this vein that I’ve seen recently is Anakin Design Studio. Not only is the layout beautiful and unpredictable, the shapes at play here are all far outside what you’d expect scrolling through today’s websites.

Anakin Design Studio‘s homepage. (View large version)

As you can see, the huge, masked typography makes a bold impression. Beyond that though, if you move down the page you see a display of recent work. Most designers would put a simple rectangular thumbnail grid here and call it a day, but Anakin has played with the shapes to make it a lot more interesting. They’re still rectangular images, but they’ve used white backgrounds to create the illusion of varying shapes.

Anakin Design Studio’s portfolio. (View large version)

Avex Designs; Mathilde Jacon

Here are some other sites doing unexpected experiments with interesting shapes.

Avex Designs and Mathilde Jacon use unconventional shapes to create unique experiences. (View large version)


Fixate; For Better Coffee

Sites like Fixate and For Better Coffee combine illustration with organic, crazy-busy layouts that make for powerful and memorable experiences.

Fixate and For Better Coffee use highly illustrated layouts to help them stand out.(View large version)

The layouts above only seem complex because of the artwork; in reality, they can be pulled off fairly easily. Custom illustration work is a fantastic way to communicate a unique brand personality in a world lost in minimal thumbnail grids that all look the same.

For Better Coffee uses entertaining animations to track the coffee bean through the coffee creation process as you scroll. The experience is smooth, and it doesn’t jump the page to predefined points, so scrolling becomes a story-telling feature.

A coffee bean falls toward a grinder as the page is scrolled. (View large version)

Further down the page, scrolling pours fresh coffee into a cup. (View large version)


While we’re on the topic of beautifully illustrated sites, you should check outHappyFunCorp.

At first, it seems like a fairly normal site with some fun little animations. The cool part happens when you start to navigate. The scene on the homepage serves as the basis for the rest of the site, so when you follow a link, instead of loading a brand-new page it zooms in to a detail of the whole scene.

Following a link zooms in to a detail. (View large version)

It’s quirky, but I love the original thinking that went into it. Also, because the navigation is still presented in a standard way means that there’s no learning curve for users. The whole experience in delightfully unexpected, but in a way that doesn’t contradict how you normally interact with a site.


One basic expectation that users have is that everyone who lands on the same site will receive the same experience; a fun way to do something different is to toss that out the window. Vasilis van Gemert’s site not only uses a unique, overlapping box layout, it also changes its entire color scheme for every visit.

Three different color schemes from Vasilis van Gemert’s site. (View large version)

This creative feature extends beyond the homepage to all of the major subpages.

Subpages also change their color schemes. (View large version)


Another way to make your site design unique is to decide on an entertaining or interesting theme that you can use as the basis of all your design decisions. This provides a nice framework for everything you do and encourages you to explore beyond traditional UI.

While not appropriate for all sites (a government website, for instance), for things like event announcements or small company pages it can be refreshing. The new site for dConstruct 2015 is a great example of this idea.

Part of the retro-futuristic design of the dConstruct 2015 site. (View large version)

As you can see, they went for a retro-futuristic vibe, heavily reminiscent of The Jetsons. The result is a site that’s flat out fun to scroll through as you discover the how they present each new section.

A detail from the dConstruct design. (View large version)

There are a couple of really great things to note about this site. First of all, the headline treatments are wonderfully retro, using a combination of Lamplighter Script and Andes.

The best part, though, is that these are live web fonts with the diagonal direction implemented via a simple CSS skew. The repetition of diagonal lines throughout the site helps the design feel both consistent and creative.

With creative use of styled web fonts, all the text is selectable. (View large version)

This site is a great example of how responsive design doesn’t have to be boring. The layout doesn’t feel boxy or typical, and yet it manages to reflow nicely to any viewport size. In fact, I really love how creative they were with transforming elements for smaller screens. For instance, as your viewport shrinks, the ticket graphic shown below jumps into an animated transform that shifts from horizontal to vertical orientation. It’s a tiny detail, but it’s clever and shows how much thought was put into every aspect of the layout.

For narrow viewports, the ticket flips from horizontal to vertical. (View large version)

Hats off to Clearleft for the great work on this one.


I work at Creative Market, so I’m absolutely in favor of using great stock graphics, fonts, photos, and more. Quality stock resources can be immensely helpful for every designer, but how you use them is an important consideration. Whether you’re using some interesting vector artwork, an icon set, or a full-blown website theme, consider putting in some extra effort so that your implementation doesn’t look exactly like that of everyone else. The vast majority of people downloading that asset won’t bother with much or any customization, so a little bit goes a long way.

The Trouble With Unique Sites

Finding sites that are truly surprising and unique is a tall order. I put in hours of site searching to prepare for this article and still feel like I have very little to show for it. One overwhelming trend I’ve found is that it often feels like the only designers really pursuing unique web design are producing sites with wonky user experiences.

Experimentation is great, but sites that confuse users with weird, unexpected and unpleasant UX often fall short of their goals. Many of these sites take a step backwards by presenting us with Flash-like experiences: long loading times, overly ornate animations, jumpy scrolling, and complex user flows. There is a middle ground. You can create beautiful, unique looking websites without trying to reinvent the interaction wheel.

Web Design Lives

Standardization and predictable design will always have their place on the web. In fact, they may be the best possible solution for presenting most types of content to most screens. That said, we should let our creative instincts fight it out with our analytical instincts from time to time.

There are so many designers put there making sure the web remains what it has always been: a place for technology, art and design to overlap in new and interesting ways. Be a pioneer, try something you’ve never seen anyone do — and yes, make lots of mistakes along the way. You know “failure is mother of success”. It’s great to create something weird every now and then, even if other people hate it. That’s how this crazy thing called the web was built, and that’s how we’ll keep pushing it forward.

Ultimately, although there are plenty of sites look pretty similar, I don’t believe that web design has reached a point of stagnation. There are countless extremely talented designers creating unbelievable sites, constantly raising the bar for their peers. This topic is wide open for debate, though. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the state of design on the web, and who you think is doing the most interesting work.

Creative Typecast Yourself and Its Dangers

After analyzing art history and classifying the work in the art history books and the museum exhibitions, it gives the perfect result. Naturally, Monet decorated the world with more mottled paintings which can impress anyone look at it, Picasso changed his style to cubism. Look at this, we can see that Artists have evolved. However, at that time, Monet and Picasso may considered carefully and hesitate to change or not.

It’s really a hard inside struggles because we have to change ourself, our “brand”, our style… So Picasso and Monet have to wrestle with this reality to keep the new style is still fresh, enthusiastic, and authentic


This takes courage.


Because your personal brand is a place that you know what to expect and what people expect of you. So it’s hard to escape from that comfortable and safe house. However, you are one of living creatures, so you have to grow to not be left behind. Don’t blind your self with “the old fashion garb”, try the new things, you can avoid the emptiness and feel truly alive to yourself and your work.



I went through this process of creative evolution this past year, though more in an entrepreneurial capacity. Previously, as a time management coach, I focused exclusively on universally accepted concepts around lasting behavioral change with time management. I’ve enjoyed the diversity of clients this has attracted and still plan on offering this approach to anyone who might need my services.


But this past fall, I announced a new faith-based offering called “Divine Time Management.” I realized that by hiding from my audience the huge role that faith played in my life, I was being inauthentic and withholding valuable information that could lead to new levels of breakthrough for people who were open to it.


I’ve owned a business for over 10 years and had never done anything overtly Christian so I was nervous about how people would respond.


Would my current clients leave? Would people put a lot of judgments on me that were based on their past experience and not who I actually was?


Despite these concerns, I stayed true to myself and mustered the courage to move forward. Did some people leave my list? Yep. Were a few people not happy with the evolution? For sure. If I had done this by survey and public opinion, would I have proceeded? Probably not. But was I being true to myself and allowing myself to grow in my work? Absolutely.


To my pleasant surprise, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, even from people who didn’t share my faith background. They appreciated that I was being authentic to myself and in turn giving others the inspiration to do the same. Both myself and my business have flourished as a result.


The road was long and bumpy, but here’s what I learned:

Be honest with yourself first

Like Gretchen Rubin says in Better Than Before, be particularly aware of anything that you feel you need to hide or explain. It’s a good sign you’re living out of alignment with your values. Also pay attention to instances where your body is there but you mentally disengage because you could almost do what you’re doing in your sleep. Admitting to yourself that you need to infuse new life or maybe completely change your brand or your work is an important first step.

Share selectively with trusted individuals


Some people may flip out and don’t want you to change because it’s inconvenient for them in some way. So it’s OK to start sharing with a small circle of supporters. This will probably look like conversations with mentors or close friends. (Be very careful about how much you share with colleagues if you’re not thoroughly committed to a shift.) Give yourself the freedom to brainstorm and to not commit to any particular new direction immediately. There’s often a door you could open if you just stopped to consider that there could be a way out, or at least a shift.

Lean into the risk

Once you decide on a direction, you don’t need to cannonball into the new way of working or kind of work. You can start with a special project or class or even a hobby. You don’t need to even show anyone your new work at first. When you’re in the incubating stage, it’s important that your new creative outputs have a safe space to be birthed and to develop. Keep doing the things that are already working for you to provide a firm foundation until you figure out what sticks. There’s no need to immediately quit your job or publicly rebrand your business.

 Tell your story

When you do decide to go public with your new ideas, explain your story in an authentic human way. For example, Natalie Sisson, known for years as “The Suitcase Entrepreneur,” unpacked her suitcase and rebranded as someone who helps people create businesses that aren’t necessarily about traveling all over. Instead of just saying that she was going in this new direction, Natalie shared the story of how changes with her father’s health had lead to a personal re-evaluation of her priorities. Yes, this was a shift from her digital nomad lifestyle but by telling her story she could illustrate that it was ultimately about freedom to have a business that allowed you to have a life you loved.

Care less about what people think.


There’s a time and place for surveys and customer feedback. But when it comes to re-inventing yourself, an outside in approach is dangerous and can leave you feeling like more of an imposter than before. There is far less creativity than there could be because people are so concerned about measuring and monitoring public opinion that they keep themselves within a narrow band of what they feel is politically correct, socially acceptable, and what people expect from them.


You are not a new brand of deodorant. Stop acting like you should always dictate what you do like a market survey for a mass consumer product.


In short: You must now that You are more than your “brand”. As a living, breathing, developing human being, you don’t need to be ashamed to change. It’s vulnerable to break yourself you’re well known for a long time. But it’s also incredibly freeing and an opportunity to truly come alive. Now is the time to be who you are now instead of carrying around the shell of who you once were.

Over to You…

Have you been type casting yourself?

What ways have you seen yourself or others break out of your/their own personal mold?