Alexa allowed to read Kindle books by Amazon Echo

You know that Amazon is the biggest market for authors to sell ebooks/books. Now, it has a new awesome feature by reading your Kindle books to you. And it’s totally free for this service.

Alexa allowed to read Kindle books by Amazon Echo 01

Alexa calls this service as Kindle Books, it uses the robotic voice of Alexa to read any Kindle ebook in your library. This service is similar to “text-to-speech”  technology which is used for Wikipedia articles – according to an Amazon update note.

This means that you will not read the same kind of book on Audible (because Audible is the paid service), however, this service will be more popular in non-Audible users.

When you want to use Alexa reading, you just need to utter one of these phases: Alexa, read “[Kindle book title],” or “Alexa, read my Kindle book.”

If you want to stop reading and do something else, you just need to tell Alexa “Pause”. And when you are ready to continue to read the book, you can say that “resume my book”. It’s also possible to tell Alexa to go “forward” or “back” while you are reading any book.

This amazing service was leaked by AFTVnews in the recent Amazon newsletter and surfaced last week.


Apple patent – simultaneous picture capture with multiple cameras

Apple has filed the latest patent with the idea of using using 2 cameras to take 2 pictures of 2 different items in the same direction. With the different focal lengths when taking 2 photos, a mobile phone can zoom effectively without an actual moving lens.

The Apple patent picked up by Patently Apple shows diagrams of two cameras side by side. The first one is with a larger field of view and the second one is with a smaller field of view that is a subset of the larger one, with their visual axes aligned. The device can then store the two photo data structures separately.


Illustrations from Apple’s patent. The left figure shows the two cameras capturing two fields of view. The right figure shows the two images both displayed on the same screen.

simultaneous Apple photo capture with multiple cameras

With these two data structures, the device can display both photos, switch between them or create an intermediate photo, enhancing the quality of the larger field of view picture with data from the smaller field of view.

For an example of this technology being used, Apple described taking video of a baseball game. With this design, someone could take equal-quality zoomed in and wide angle video at the same time and use that in the coverage of the game. With one device, a video operator could focus close up on a batter swinging while also focusing on the wider outfield and crowd reaction.

To ensure simultaneous image capture, Apple included a portion in the patent to index and compare the times at which the photos are captured in each of the cameras.

Apple’s patent isn’t just for phones, it also includes computers, tablets, cameras and gaming consoles. This technology could very well become a part of many different future Apple products.

There is no mention of using the side-by-side cameras for 3D within the patent, and the slight offset of the two images raises the question of how well an intermediate composition of the two photos would actually look. There are no details about how the photo data would be analyzed and combined.

The patent doesn’t prove that this technology will alive in a finished product in the future, however we can know that Apple is considering to create a future product with this awesome technology.

Source: Mashable

Microsoft’s New HoloLens Details Leaked – a Breakthrough of Our Modern Life

The Hololens – Microsoft’s augmented reality headset – has attracted so much people who are curious and want to try this modern device. However, information about how it work is nearly zero.

Fortunately, in the recent event held at Tel Aviv, Israel, a little bit information about Hololens has been leaked.

With the amazing battery, this device can work within 5 to 5.5 hours on email or Word documents, and 2.5 hours if you want it to work with highly intensive computation which involves detailed renderings. Harris revealed this in a Youtube video posted by Israel-based wearables entrepreneur Niv Calederon.

This video has been eliminated, however, Harris confirmed that HoloLens will never be warm and heat dissipated is its great feature. And this device can work well without a wired connection


Harris also said that HoloLens has ability to connect with anything including wifi, bluetooth. It also can use 3D audio. However, the first version only support English.

He also addressed questions regarding the HoloLens’ field of view (FOV), saying that the experience is like having a 15-inch monitor about “this far” from your face, at which point he holds his hands about a foot in front of his face.

Back in December, Microsoft made the HoloLens available for the public to test at its Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. But the price is $3,000 per one, the device is really more for developers rather than the general consumer market.

The HoloLens is planned to start shipping to developers in the first quarter of 2016.